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Catch up

Not much has happened here — apart from Mr R. having his succesful bowel resection on the Friday 21st Feb. Since it was keyhole surgery, he had recovered enough for me to bring him home on Tuesday. I was late, as I was talking to a Telstra technician about a lack of internet. Everything (windows phone, laptop, both computers) said it connects, except the Tbox (for internet tv) which could only see the router, but I couldn’t get emails or webpages. In the end, when I cut short our conversation the tech bloke said he thought it might be the modem but there were still some tests to do.

Silly me decided to buy another one, while I was in Bendigo, but of course it would not install, funny that. Some hours later I decided that I  couldn’t be bothered ringing Telstra again, I’d leave it to the next day. I fired up the computer, got lots I can get done without internet, but — lo and behold — there it was. Oh, I forgot to mention I had reset my old modem – the pushing the pen in the hole until the light flashes type reset.  I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Of course, I could ring Telstra and find out if they fixed something, somewhere.

My writing — hasn’t been happening. I have just finished rereading the novel as it stands so far, and I must say that there are parts there I have absolutely no memory of writing. I was reading away, waiting to see what was going to happen next. It all finished a bit soon, leaving me in limbo and all the characters converging for the finale. Except I have decided now to put back in an extra character that I decided to do without. Oh, and about that business of rewriting one character’s viewpoint in first person. Decided that was a stupid idea (second time I’ve knocked it on the head). However, the rewriting wasn’t wasted as I ended up liking that girl a bit more. She is pretty stupid, I don’t think I fixed that much!

Yep, I’ve got definite problems with short-term memory.

The last few days I have messed about with my family history. Doing the usual thing, avoiding housework.  Yesterday I started taking the dog for walks again and watching what I eat. My doctor isn’t going to be too impressed when she sees me again. My blood pressure is up again, I can feel the thumping again. So, better drop the salt again. I took it back up when I kept getting leg cramps.

Anyway, hubby is getting better. He has huge bruises over his midriff, plus his arms where he’s been butchered by nurses with drips and stuff.

I’m having a busy time this week with doing the work on my own. Good exercise for me. I’ve got that book “Easy Exercise” by Dianne Barker. I’ve never done anything with it, apart from reading it. It is the companion to “Fat Free Forever” which really does work (but now I hate yogurt).

The warm up exercises feel like a workout! That’s bad. How can you get puffed from curving to the right with you arm over your head! Maybe I should have rested after the dog walk. I intend to start adding the real exercises one at a time, from tomorrow.

I have no work today. I’ve dabbled in family history, brought the clothes in off the line and now I am eying off the dog who badly needs a bath. I keep putting it off. It will rain tomorrow. I could just make her stay outside. Good idea. I’ll leave the vacuuming up the dog hairs until tomorrow — she will be happy to go out. 🙂

Sounds good, but I’m not the only one living here. And I love going around in bare feet on a clean floor. It wont take long to vac  and then wash the dog.

Nah, it wont take long tomorrow either. I will already be in housecleaning mode after the first job tomorrow. So, without further ado (apart from spell check) I shall make a coffee and open up yWriter5 and get stuck into writing. I’m pleased to say I am quite excited at that idea.

Three hours until Grand Designs comes on. I love that show, especially when old houses are renovated. I should get a lot of writing done in three hours.

Oven ready tea tonight.  🙂


I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

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