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Family History Friday: William George & Emily Parish

My great grandfather, William George PARISH was born 5th August 1868,  in Yankalilla, South Australia, the son of James Parish and Jane Smith who had emigrated earlier from Cambridgeshire, England.

parish george  alice  bill hole  etc

Centre (seated): William & Emily Parish

William married Emily BRITTEN on the 18th February 1891 in Horsham, Victoria. Emily was born 9th June 1872, at Port MacDonnell near Mount Gambier in South Australia, the daughter of Joseph BRITTEN and Mary Ellen HUNTER. (Though Joseph and Mary Ellen were both born Wiltshire in England, they married 1868 in South Australia.)

parish bill child

This my dad, William Kelvin Parish as a child (centre), note the same belligerent look as his grandfather!


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