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Icy cold nights, wattle, and living dangerously.

Here it is, almost 5:30pm and the temperature is dropping fast – now down to 5 C.

At 7:15am this morning it was -6 C, and I have the photo to prove it.

ice tempI also ran around, crunching footsteps in the icy grass taking a few snaps with the phone.   The grapevine one is a little blurry, but you can see the frost.

icy front

ice morningThe view out front this morning.

icy grapevine

This one below shows ice crystals on the duco on the back of the car. I was disappointed not to find huge intricate swirly formations all over the top of the car, as I have in the past. Maybe tomorrow.  ice patterns car

Hours later, during our walk, I took a nice bright cheery photo of wattle with my camera.


Back home again, while visiting my daughter’s Facebook page (she opened up her own restaurant last night), I stole this old photo from her album. My grand-daughter living dangerously. It really warmed my heart.


While I’ve messed about here, it is now 6.28pm and the thermometer is now  down to 1 C.    Brrrrrrr.  Another freezing night ahead.


I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

26 thoughts on “Icy cold nights, wattle, and living dangerously.

  1. How cold is it?? Brrrrr is right! (You realise all the North American Polar Vortex Survivors are shaking their heads at us right now, don’t you?)
    I love wattle trees. I remember getting one for Arbor Day when I was in primary school and planting it at the front of the house. Unfortunately, it was lost when a new fence was built between us and the neighbours and it didn’t survive the move.

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    1. Yeah, but the North Americans & Co are used to it. 😀 Shame about the wattle tree. We have one in our backyard, but it isn’t flowering yet, being a late one. Thanks for dropping by, … I’ll call you Master.

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      1. As a Doctor Who fan, that name has unfortunate connotations. Also, it is an inaccurate appellation as I keep telling people. I’ll accept ‘H’ (as initials seem to be popular here in WP land) or Mosy. 😉

        It’s so cold, I’ve pulled out the big guns. I’m wearing the extra thick hand knitted jumper I bought in Romania from a roadside stall in 1991. It hasn’t been out for at least a decade.

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      2. Dr Who … now I know why a strange echo was sounding in the back of my mind! I’ll try and remember Mosy. You’ll be all snuggly in your Romanian jumper. 🙂


    1. I’ve never known it to get down that far here before (central Victoria). It’s -1 now. We always seem to be 2 degrees lower than the Bendigo or Seymour forecast. Thanks for dropping by cheergerm. 🙂


  2. I used to live in Canberra, without a garage for many years. Getting the ice off the car was a big job. If you put hot water on it would just refreeze! So scraping was the go, until we built a garage and carport. This cold will kill off the bugs!! Lovely photo of your grand daughter!
    Yes, the wattle is gorgeous!

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    1. Thanks Barbara, I’m not sure if she is eyeballing or headbutting the cat. Same child I was holding in the ‘maroon’ photo and she is twice the size again now. We used to clean a supermarket early in the mornings and then go on and clean the public toilet block. Last time it was this cold, it got down to minus 5 three mornings straight, and we had to clean ice off the windows between jobs and after – the liquids were frozen in the spray bottles in the cleaners room. We used hot water to wash off the ice, took to scraping too. We switched to cleaning at night. Better than getting up at four in the morning.


  3. Love the wattle. Being in the north of England and on the North Sea coast we can get pretty low winter temperatures, down to -2 and then a wind chill bringing it down to -7 or thereabouts during a really cold winter, last winter I don’t think I saw a frost it was so mild. I love the snap of a good frost. I never imagine you getting such low temps in Aus.

    The Dec/Jan we spent in New York was an eye opener as we headed over to Liberty Island on the ferry it was -7 on land and an estimated -12 on the water, we thought we were going to die and had our gloves, hats, bras, pants all filled with bags of hot roasted nuts from the cart vendor in Battery Park with more packs pressed against our cheeks. Huddling around cups of hot steaming coffee that none of us drink on the way back. It was a memory we will never forget.. next time we visit NYC it will be in the Spring.

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    1. I loved that image of you all stuffed with hot roasted nuts! It’s hard to imagine how people get the will to go out to work in those freezing conditions, isn’t it. We often get around zero this time of the year, with frosts. And in our alpine regions it would be lower more often. I’m towards the bottom of Australia. Your friends at Mildura would be getting it a bit better – dew point was -0.5C this morning. Thanks for dropping by, Michelle.


  4. Love ALL the photo’s, the Wattle reminds me of the one in the backyard that I used to climb to talk to the boys next door. Loved the smell and the dust that they showered down. Gorgeous one of your granddaughter, she’s fearless. Good luck to your daughter with her new venture, we had a restaurant years ago and I know how hard it is, pressure plus during service, again, good luck to her.

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    1. Glad you love the photos, Sue. W. has her experienced step-brother in the restaurant front, and they will only open evenings at this stage. She is used to pressure having worked all types of eating places since she left school. She did a chef’s apprenticeship before getting qualifications in childcare, but opted for the restaurant, after all. 🙂


      1. In our kitchen we have louvres, and every winter I cover them with clear plastic to keep out the draft. Before next winter, I swear, I’m replacing the lot with some decent glazing! 😀


      2. Sounds like a good idea Christine.
        By the way I am trailing by 800 votes in the jetpack contest. One of the other bloggers has gone viral on StumbleUpon. Good for him I say. I appreciate your support very much though.


    1. Thanks Kayti. We had strict rationing a few years ago, now we are on ‘permanent water savings’. Most of our wattle trees and shrubs begin flowering towards the end of winter and on throughout spring. I love it when they begin, then I know that the season is about to change.


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