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Catch up

I’ve had a really lazy week, this week. Haven’t really been able to put my mind to anything in particular.  My intentions were good on Monday – new week, all that – but I went too hard on the treadmill and gave myself exercise-induced asthma and the week went downhill from there. I hadn’t actually been on the treadmill for a couple of weeks. Anyway, more stints on Tuesday and Wednesday saw me  do my five treadmill circuit laps (2kms) at a sedate pace. As long as I stay under the 6kms per hour, I’m fine. I missed today.

Healthy eating – not been good, either. I won’t go into that. Probably why I feel like crappy.

Fronted up to the doctors on Monday, to get my 24 hour urine result – pleased to report that both antimony and arsenic fall within normal levels. Actually, I did go to the doctors the Monday before, too, a week early, by accident.

Writing – again drawn a blank, but at least I have opened up the writing program a few times this week, and thought seriously about my next step.  I’ve put myself off by chopping out those 3,000 or so words and now I want to put them back – make these pesky characters do what I want, for a change. They’ll be bored from hanging around by now, keen to get back to work. I’m questioning myself on the ‘take home value’ of my novel and think: shit, what ‘take home value’? Is there any? Does there have to be?  Maybe I just better get on and write and worry about things like that later. Without a finished product, the questions are irrelevant, anyway.

Online learning – grading is still in progress for my failed Effective Writing course at Coursera. I am LOVING the Learn How to Learn course I mentioned recently. The video lectures are easy to understand. I’ve even drafted my first assignment due in a few days.  I’m yet to tackle the Pomodoro method to overcome my procrastination – a timed 25 minutes of intense focus on the activity you want to avoid, followed by a reward. Apparently procrastination triggers the pain recognition section in the brain, and the initial reluctance is only overcome if  you get stuck into it. So, here I am, procrastinating about tackling procrastination!

I’ve made my online learning blog private.  I became aware that using bits of the class questions and assignments in my run-downs are not allowed. It’s for my amusement, somewhere to collate my experience, and I would rather use class references when I want, than have to cut them out.

Another thing I learned: brain cells regenerate when you sleep – and new synapses form, helping you learn. Toxins flush away and that promotes clearer thinking. Maybe I ought to start Nana naps. Anyway, I’m already forming better sleep habits.

At FutureLearn, I’ve finished England In the Time of King Richard III, this week. I really enjoyed that and brought my knowledge up out of the early Middle Ages where it had stuck.  I didn’t have to submit written assignments. I ended up with 94%, that’s 82/87 in the weekly quizzes. I hope they don’t grade me on discussion participation. I did make a few posts, but not many. My next course with FutureLearn begins on 8th September: Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture – needs about 3 hours a week.  (I’ve dropped a few, too, only so much time.)

In two days, I begin a new class on Coursera: Climate Change. I must wrap my head around this topic. It’s run by the University of Melbourne. 9 weeks at 6-8 hours a week. I think I might just audit this one. Apparently that is the term when you turn up, but not take part in the assignments.

I can’t think of anything else just now. I have to work on my Supercoach Fantasy AFL team before I pop out to work. It’s the first week of our fantasy finals this week. I’m playing Mr R. in one league and he is always on top. But I beat him a few weeks ago, so I may be in with a show. A few of his top players are injured.  He works on his team from the end of the season before. I knock up my teams in an afternoon and don’t spend much time on it – but still manage to get into the top 35%. I can’t help it if I absorb his side of the conversation when he’s chatting to his son about football.  😀


I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

16 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. See exercise IS BAD for you, look at all the professional athletes that have medical problems either physical or mental. Good excuse not to do it. You deserve a week off anyway. (Hope your team wins)

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    1. Sue, Rob has just informed me one of my players has pulled out. I get an automatic emergency, but I’ve got a bloke on my bench I could have used. But we are locked out of the Supercoach draft game as soon as the first game begins, for the whole weekend. So he will beat me for sure. At least I get another chance, having finish 4th in this particular league. He’ll beat me again in the grand final if I get that far. 😀


      1. Bugga – sorry bout that, just keep fingers crossed that nothing else happens up to the end of the season, your going pretty good though, don’t want to jinx Rob, but the season hasn’t finished yet and as the saying goes “there’s many a slip twix cup and lip”

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    1. I’m letting too many books on writing influence me, Helen. I started out writing just for me, but somewhere along the line I’ve started to worry about what others might think of my work. I’ve got to get over that. Thanks for your nice comment – I don’t know how I managed to make my lazy week look busy. 😀


  2. I agree with Helen — if that’s a lazy week, I can’t imagine what a busy week would be like!

    And this: “So, here I am, procrastinating about tackling procrastination!” I’ve often said that I’d probably do very well on the test to award me the title of “Queen of Procrastination” — but I keep putting off studying for it. Glad someone out there understands. 🙂

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    1. Ahh, Cindy, you are so kind. At the moment, I’m reading a book about procrastination by Piers Steel. He says it is on the rise, with so many things like facebook and twitter (and blogs, though he didn’t say that) to distract one. It’s peculiar that we avoid starting stuff, even though we KNOW the consequences won’t be good, and we KNOW that we will feel better once it is done! Wierd, really. I love imagining what my live would be like without it. ❤


  3. Glad to learn those good things about sleeping: I’m sure it’s one of my med.s that making me tired ALL THE TIME. I have a nanna nap every arvo, and sometimes in the morning if Lui gets me up too early. I figure I’m only balancing it all out. 🙂
    I must take a gink at Learn how to Learn: I’d thought that beyond me !!!

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    1. That class is so easy M-R. The first assignment isn’t due for another 4 days and it’s easy enough, too. It’s broken up into five questions, and isn’t one of those awful academic style essays. I thought you would be pleased about the sleep. That danged cat! 🙂


    1. Hello Elizabeth. The classes aren’t overlapping much just now and I can drop any that I don’t like (they have thousands and thousands of participants in these free MOOCs, so they don’t care). I give up some TV and I’m doing less blogging this week. I love these butterflies too. Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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