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Aussie university fee deregulation

GetUp! is launching an ad about the proposed university fee deregulation.  Apparently, their research shows, many Australians do not know about the proposed deregulation. There are online petitions for other various concerns as well.

From GetUp! in my inbox yesterday… perhaps a little premature …

In major headlines yesterday, the Abbott Government is capitulating on billions in cruel cuts to Newstart and social services. That’s after GetUp members stepped up with donations to unmissable billboards, holding key senators to their budget promises.


But, from what I can see in the media, the government has split the original cuts into four proposals, hoping it will be more palatable to the Senate in the new form – at the same time saying they haven’t backed down and the cuts are the same.   Interesting days ahead.


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11 thoughts on “Aussie university fee deregulation

  1. TROWC have become so insane that they pretend everything is fine with their budget, and that it will all be passed.
    Of course, as we have no idea what Palmer might want (and get) in exchange for changing his stance on anything. we can’t be sure about anything at all. He’s turned parliament into a circus.


  2. As someone who is on the verge of being at the Very Pointy End of the whole university fees business (Eldest Son is in Year 12), this stresses me out more than I can say. I worry, worry, worry about my boys and what they may be lumbered with and how the hell they’re going to pay for it anyway with a shrinking labour market. Aaaargh!

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  3. If I said here what I truly think of this government and the way it treats everyone who isn’t their rich mates, I’d probably be permanently banned from WordPress. Let’s just say I won’t be voting for them.

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  4. Palmer treats everything as a joke. He’s a stirrer. None of them deserve to be voted for, especially how the previous government behaved, so what party do you vote for to get a fair deal.

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    1. Well, Abbott has set a precendent – blatantly lying to get in, then practically laughing in our faces about it. You can’t trust any of the b… And what about in South Australia, they have tightened up the rules as to who can even stand for State election – making it harder for Independants. And what about the Libs leader there, switching sides when he accepted a portfolio in the State parliament. Geez, weren’t the local Libs furious! Can you imagine how people felt who voted for him as a Liberal – but at least he can still speak for electors instead of just being in opposition. Nope. What’s the saying: “pay peanuts, get monkeys”.

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  5. Education is a priority for the future of this country. We just have to fight for what we believe is right. Writing letters to our senators and signing petitions is essential to try to stop this madness.

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