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Insect on gum leaf

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Added later: A beetle looking over the edge of the leaf, perhaps? Are they antennae or the front legs?

Found the answer …

The Lycidae are a family in the beetle order Coleoptera, members of which are commonly called net-winged beetles.

and from John Tann, Flickr

‘Net-winged Beetle, possibly a species of Porrostoma, family Lycidae. Como NSW Australia, November 2011. ‘  [later identified as a Red Shoulder Lycid beetle]


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16 thoughts on “Insect on gum leaf

      1. Crikey, you’re a bloody strop !!! – you make me laugh like anything.
        I’m not going to put my face on the gravatar, but because you whinge so effectively, I’ll find sumpn else, OK ?!

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    1. Thanks Tess. I’m thinking the rest of it must be over the edge of the leaf or its front legs are. I shouldn’t have deleted my blurry shots – I don’t take my specs with me on my walk as my phone often takes great photos without any help from me! 🙂

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  1. Great shot, looks like he is leaning over something. Haven’t seen one like that before. Think it could easily be mistaken for a bit of bark or the husk of a seed.

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