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One Word Photo Challenge: Persimmon


Persimmon is this week’s word for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. 


2010, my scrapbooking phase: FujiFilm FinePix A607
persimmon 2009
2009, my grandson: FujiFilm FinePix A607

It was hard finding the right shade of orange …


I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

22 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Persimmon

  1. I would have cheated and raced up to the fruit shop. I’ve never tasted a Persimmon, believe they are a bit tart. Little devil, didn’t your grandson think you could see him. I think you got the colour spot on in both pictures.

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      1. Oh well, Barbara & Joanne, I’m partly convinced. I’ll try making it one day, I actually had a bunch of kale in my hand the other week, and thought ‘what if I don’t like it’ so I put it back until I knew what I was going to do with it. Do you eat it raw, then? … in the salad?


      2. You can find lots of recipes online. Kale is rather bitter so it pairs very well with sweet … either as a dressing or adding fruit or both 🙂
        I often add it to soups.
        Good luck … hope you like it 🙂


      3. Ahh, just been reminded it has terrific cholestrol-lowering qualities – among other things – steaming for five minutes is best for that, apparently. I knew there must have been a reason I was looking at it in the supermarket. Thanks Joanne.


  2. Bold and bright pictures, Christine, spot on for the colour, persimmon. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a persimmon. I’ve heard they’re some kind of berry, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. If they’re a bit tart, i might be tempted to bake them in a pie.
    Cute photo of your grandson.

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  3. Just saw your little thingy on the bottom with “Share your World” on it. Makes it easy to look things up. (Has it been there long, or have I been unobservant again?)

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    1. Hi Sue, I messed around with it the other day with the footer widgets, and my sidebar (I better go add today’s piddling word tally). I thought I would add the new widget so I can pop along to Cee’s website to see the current set of weekly questions. Some lovely reading. 🙂


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