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Good Rains

Surely the rain overnight has got the farmers smiling.

I took this photo on my phone from the local hospital car park – the clouds are low. I meant to take some more from the main street, but forgot. (Just having routine blood tests … fingers crossed for the cholesterol.)

I got myself some very cheap paintbrushes and a mini palette. I have a set of student acrylics somewhere. Haven’t given up on the index card challenge yet.

Working on my book first though. Chopping out lots of words! Have a good day.


I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

9 thoughts on “Good Rains

  1. They are low aren’t they, like a fluffy blanket. Put the brushes out of sight or you will be tempted to look for the paints and use them, ergo, getting distracted again. Good luck.

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    1. No, I’m going to be good today, Sue. Just checked in before pulling the plug. Next, I’m popping on the heart monitor strap and doing some walking to get the brain into writing mode … should not have had those 6 tim tams last night, not to mention the 1/2 pizza! I’m making sure I get my 10,000 steps daily on weekdays. ❤ Have a good day.


  2. Aren’t you in control! Work first; play later. I’m impressed. ❤
    Those clouds a.r.e. low. Fabulous photo. ❤
    We missed April's shower and are getting lots of rain these days. Good for growing things so long as the rains don't drown them. Sigh.

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    1. Yeah, Tess, I’m hopeless. I’ve got to do the work first, else it’s not done. But I do have to do some book-keeping today – having already been out to work early. I might get some writing in before we go out again at 5pm. (Wednesday here now)


      1. Yeah, we are ahead of you as far as days go. 😀 It gets confusing sometimes, especially when doing online classes that begin on a Monday – I have to wait until Tuesday to start.


  3. I drove back from Launceston yesterday: rain all the way from Lonnie to the mountains, then exactly the sort of low clouds you show all the way from there. Even Hobart was completely shrouded in low clouds — I should have stopped and taken some photos myself, but I was tired and wanting to get home …

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