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Bees love the Corymbia Calophylla

I haven’t been down the side lane for a week, so hadn’t noticed this little flowering gum has started its mid-summer show. The bees are loving it, three deep in some blossoms! Though the light was poor, I couldn’t wait to share my images. (Nokia Lumia 520, cropped, optimized)



If you click on a gallery image, the viewer will open, or right click and choose view image. I usually close my window by accident then, instead of choosing the back arrow.

The blossoms seem smaller this year, but I’ve noticed that on my roses and gerbera, too. The combination of heat and cold might cause the plants confusion. Some of the elms had their leaves shrivel to brown husks, and now they are putting out new leaves.

But, then again, these blossoms are still unfurling.  Here’s another …

Corymbia Calophylla


Gorgeous, is it not? I love the delicate pinkish shades, and wonder if this is a cultivar.

In 1995, along with a lot of other trees and shrubs, this flowering gum was switched from the Eucalyptus genus to the newly created Corymbia genus.

Have a good day.   🙂



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