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Arctotheca calendula: Capeweed

Photos taken for  Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro

Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone – edited in GIMP.








From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arctotheca calendula is a plant in the sunflower family commonly known as capeweed, plain treasureflower, cape dandelion, or cape marigold because it originates from the Cape Province in South Africa. It is also found in neighboring KwaZulu-Natal

Arctotheca calendula is naturalized in California, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand, and considered a noxious weed in some of those places






It is a noxious weed in our parts of Australia.

I’m scraping into Sally D’s ‘macro week’ by the skin of my teeth! Next week is Black & White.

Thanks for looking. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.   🙂





I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

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