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Skinks are one of my favourite creatures. Here are some photos I took at the weekend with the Nikon D3000.


garden skink










I expect these are the common Garden Skink. One kindly posed for me while I steadied the camera on a piece of wood. The others skurried into the wood pile.

Thanks for looking.



I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

13 thoughts on “Skinks

  1. Hi Christine, I can’t say I like skinks, I think I’ve never seen you around here. But your photos are great. I’m cleaning up my blog, so deleting lots of people I follow, it’s easier to delete everyone and them follow back the important ones. So don’t be surprised when you see I’m following you again! 🙂

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    1. I see your blog has a new look, as has mine. I’m so pleased you followed me again despite my bad visiting record! You probably wouldn’t get skinks like this near you. They are common to Australia, and New Zealand I think, and there are a few in India and in other odd spots around the world.


  2. My favourite thing about them is they eat all the nasty garden bugs & slimy creepy crawlies. My m-i-l hates any kind of lizards, reckons they predict a death in the family, but she will quite happily pick up something crawling with red-backs

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    1. Lol, I think he must have been cold and just didn’t want to get out of the sun. I was surprised at the extra colour, too. I have the Nikon set on the hghest quality image – most of them get deleted anyhow. But I get some lucky gems now and then!


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