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Story Sentence

my revision-ready manuscript
my revision-ready manuscript


It has taken ages for me to pin down the story sentence covering my main plot.

Here it is…

After flouting Corrangorach matrimonial laws, the betrothed taverner’s daughter strives for freedom from predatory wizards bent on impregnation, paternity spells, and power: testing her resolve to earn her own dragon.


I had it wrong, first time around …

Mistaking a leather-clad wizard for a dragonrider, the taverner’s daughter agrees to binding vows after he reveals her ability to dragonspeech: Jarryd hopes for a magic-saving paternity spell and Taniel wants his dragon.


I made it sound like Jarryd was the antagonist.


ready for scene index cards
ready for scene index cards


I’ve prepared all 98 scene index cards. Now, I must examine the plot lines and identify stuff that needs cutting or adding. I already know I missed one vital scene which I should have written – the one where Taniel and Jarryd decide to betroth.  How could I possibly believe I could get away with that?

Since I have only 47 days until Taniel is released, the pressure is on. I’m hoping I will not have to put the release off until 18th Feb (my birthday) but it is an option if I think the story still half-baked.

If I do delay, Amazon will ban me from using pre-order until 2018, and that will be nuisance as book two will be ready before then. This next one will not take five years.

I have two sales on my dashboard! Well, there are three, but one of them is mine.

If you pre-ordered Taniel, thank you! It’s thrilling to know someone would actually pay for my writing.

Thanks for visiting my blog.





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