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Doing another line edit!

Oh gosh, I really am doing another line edit. Remember I said, while checking my eBook for formatting, I discovered a word was missing? Once I investigated the text, I discovered more errors. I thought I had been careful whilst making my text changes and was saving the final read through for after I had sent the eBook to my Kindle App – naively expecting to pick up a dozen errors or less. Apparently, my type-in was not careful enough.

I blame Word – or, more precisely, my ignorance of Word. Over the four or whatever years I’ve been writing The Taverner’s Daughter, I have used yWriter5 and Scrivener software – with a brief foray into Liquid Story Binder. I’ve never used Word for writing until I typed in my handwritten changes after my final round of revision.

I used Word because it was the document type  I had compiled from Scrivener for printing out the manuscript. Seemed logical to use that same document to make the changes. I also thought it would save me time copy and pasting back and forward from Scrivener when it came time to do my grammar check.

Never again!

I think I might have used auto-correct. Also, when I was trying to get the cursor in the right place, I must have been deleting words elsewhere on the screen. I don’t know. I do know my original document before revision probably only had a handful of errors.  All of them were noted in my notes during the first revision pass.

I also used the ‘find and replace’ feature several times and one of those made 118 changes. I changed dragonrider to two words and then back again! And, at some stage, I ended up with a ‘compatibility’ document which, upon saving, warned that it ‘might cause formatting changes’. I still have no idea what that was about and if it did have detrimental results.

The damage is done. I had already copy and pasted all 100+ scenes into my Scrivener file before I realised that I had a problem.

Anyway, I’m halfway through the manuscript with my red pencil.  I had a couple of days were I was incapable of dealing with it. Couldn’t get my head-space right as I was so pissed off with myself for not having Taniel  ready on time.

So, another day or so of proofing, and then typing in, and then formatting the eBook – around work and a birthday party. I’ll give myself a few days to read it through  and then another few to make any necessary corrections to text and format.

I reckon I can put this baby to bed on March 5th!


I messed about in Canva and made a brighter cover. I had to put a border around it as the bottom right corner looked odd – like the image was chopped away.

Okay, I better get back to this proofreading! Thanks for reading.



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