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Line edit done (the paper one)

I’ve finished the line edit on the manuscript with my red pencil – 274 pages, single spaced size 12 font. Suddenly, paragraphs that looked perfectly acceptable the last gazillion times I’ve read them needed sentence rearrangement. And I still don’t know if I wrote footballs instead of footfalls. I like to think it was Word playing tricks on me.

Now, let’s find out if I can get this done on the PC without introducing more errors. I’ll be working in Scrivener this time. I expect this editing will take a couple of days.


I started blogging in an effort to keep the old brain cells alive. I'm writing a fantasy series, I take more MOOCs than I can handle, and am trying to get my Nikon D3000 off auto. I live in Victoria, Australia, with my husband and our dog, Vika.

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