I’ve always called these pigeons a topknot, but when I looked it up just now, I discovered I’m wrong. This is a Crested Pigeon, one of two Australian pigeons with a rigid crest. Apparently, the topknot has a reddish, shaggy, drooping style.


Crested Pigeon, Aug 2017 (Nikon D3000)




This is a new visitor to my yard. I’ve rarely seen them this side of the footbridge. It has a pink ring about the eye, making it very expressive. I hope to see more of this attractive bird.

Thanks for looking.




Ocyphaps lophotes: Crested Pigeon


2 thoughts on “Ocyphaps lophotes: Crested Pigeon

  1. I was brought up believing they were top knots too until I discovered a few years ago what they actually were. I love the iridescent colours on their wings. Have you noticed the whistling sound they make when they take off in flight?

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