Dragon Sworn: Redraft 30% done

Not sure about the cover yet. This is the dragon I’ve been using to promote Book Two on Wattpad. I’ve neglected my Wattpad fans something shocking. They’ve been waiting for Cladessa for over a year. I must tell them to watch out for DragonSworn instead.


I’m going to have to put the rest of the draft on hold for a bit while I prepare for our camping trip. I have a week to pack, and give the house a bit of a spring-clean – so it’s not a shock when I come home.

I expect to have DragonSworn ready for holiday reading in January, 2019, at the very latest. Hopefully, it will be revised and fit for my beta readers during December. Just not sure when, as our camping holiday is open-ended. Each time we stay at a powered site, I’ll work on DragonSworn, and give you an update.


Bush-camping, 2017

It’s going to be an exciting trip. I really want to prove to myself – and you – that I can keep on writing while I’m away.



5 thoughts on “Dragon Sworn: Redraft 30% done

    • Thanks Crimson. I’ve just joined Maria’s photo challenge, so just now checking out her community. Loved your humour in the ivy photo, so followed. We’re about to head off to South Australia, but not for another ten days. The September trip lasted six weeks, but this next one may be longer. Thanks for dropping in.

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