Alien Animals Talking: A Book Funnel Giveaway

Alien Animals Talking: A Book Funnel Giveaway.

Yes, you read that right. While my book, Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy (Book One of the Taverner’s Daughter series), isn’t set in an alien world, the dragons do speak, and it was accepted as part of this quirky giveaway.

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Alien animals talking Hosted by Carol Buhler

“Searching for a certain type of story that normal search results don’t find for you?

If you share my delight in characters like Andre Norton’s Beast Master; Anne McCaffery’s Dragons of Pern and Hrrubans of Doona; Mercedes Lackey and Tanya Huff’s Companions of Valdemar; MCA Hogarth’s Pelted; Tamora Pierce’s darkings, kudorung, and crows; C.J. Cherryh’s Chanur; or Alan Dean Foster’s Flinx, Pip, and Thranx you will love these stories.

Look no further! These great authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of books. Available for free from October 15 through Ocober 31, 2018.”

CLICK HERE: Alien Animals Talking

Why not check out Taniel, if you haven’t already, and the seven other titles in the giveaway! These are full titles, not samples. All it will cost is your email address and you can always unsubscribe later.

I never use your email for anything but my sporadic quarterly newsletter.


2 thoughts on “Alien Animals Talking: A Book Funnel Giveaway

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’ve been very slack here on my author blog, but better on my photo blog. You might recall I intended merging the two, but in the end I separated them again. My dragon drawing has been neglected, but I will be drawing them in my art journal, for sure. Thanks for dropping in.

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