Finding some discipline…

Since talking to you last, I promptly fell off the revision path again. Badly in need of some guidance, I checked out what was on offer at Holly Lisle’s classes.

Sure enough, I found  How To Find Your Writing Discipline in Holly’s shop.

cover: How To Find Your Writing Discipline


While there, I picked up How to Beat Writer’s Block, even though it’s not really that sort of block at the moment.

I’ve already completed the short audio course. I now have a horrible vision of my poor, neglected Muse stuck in my head. Holly’s talk-through for the visualization was very powerful indeed.

Seeing my muse all huddled up and dejected was the kick I badly needed. I will knuckle down on Dragon Sworn. I’ll keep starting every day until I finish. I’ll keep you informed.


Earlier in the month, we went camping again. Tried out some new toys for the first time. (I took the manuscript along for the ride, as I do every time we go away. Didn’t look at it.)

Big Tom’s Beach, Murray River, Cobram (May 2019)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m mending my mindset.


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3 thoughts on “Finding some discipline…

  1. Hi Christine – I may need some discipline of my own – actually, that’s partly why I returned to blogging – to force, or let’s say “encourage” myself to write even though I don’t have words, or don’t care to print the words that may or may not cross my mind.

    Glad to see you are still here. Good luck.

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    • Hi Maggie. I’ve vowed never to take so much time off again – it has been too hard to get back into a writing routine. I’m fortunate I don’t have to start from scratch this time around. And I think zombies have been at my brain, for sure! I’ll drop into your blog – I’ve been so bad at visiting anyone that I wouldn’t have noticed anyone missing! I think the camaraderie of like-minded persons is very helpful. 🙂

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