My ‘Summer of Fiction Writing’ Goals

Rainbow Lorikeets bringing a splash of colour to wintery days Downunder.

Goal 1: Publish Dragon Sworn

(The Taverner’s Daughter, Book 2)

1st September 2019.

To meet this goal, these are the basic steps I need to take…

  • Take 53 drafted scenes from Dragon Sworn (book 2 of The Taverner’s Daughter Series) through Holly’s How To Revise Your Novel. *
  • Finalize cover for  preorder (I use Canva). Maybe I’ll ask opinions instead of flying solo.
  • I’m going to add tremendous pressure on myself by setting up a preorder within the next few days – set to publish 1st September (yes – this year).
  • During revision, I’ll convert 15 outlined scenes to draft by the 1st July. Some existing scenes will be merged or cut. I need another 37000+ words to bring it in line with the size of the first book. Any new writing is done by hand – aka the write-in.
  • Type final revisions into manuscript – aka the type-in.
  • Polish – grammar check, listen to it for stupid stuff, run chapters through AutoCrit.
  • Post each scene to Wattpad as soon as ready.
  • Send to Beta Readers.
  • Attend to any consistent feedback from readers.
  • Upload file to KDP.
  • Proofread in my reader – make any corrections, upload & read again
  • When confident all is well, PRESS PUBLISH!

My reachable deadline is: 27th August 2019 (when I must upload final file to KDP).

My working days are: I will work every day for duration of this project beginning today (4th June 2019).

My method of measuring progress: Keeping track with the ‘Project Work  Schedule’ & the ‘Daily Writing Target’ printouts from yWriter5.

My end goal: Finally delivering the book I’ve been promising my readers.

My daily goal, and number of available days: Adding another 37719 words in 27 days (to early July) will take 4 x 10m sprints a day – approx 1397 words daily. The yWriter5 Work Schedule printout has broken up the required triple passing over the manuscript into doable daily actions. I already have a lot of the revision done from my previous half-hearted attempts – the index cards and scene sentences are all done, as are the character motivations.

My leverage — WHY I need to do this: I’ve over-promised and under-delivered to my readers for far too long. I need to be professional. I want my readers’ trust. I can work hard when enough is at stake. I’ve done it before – just not in this tight a time frame. I’ve spent a lot of money on courses and books since 2015, and it is time to put some money back into the household. That has no hope of happening until I have a back list.

Autumn rains were late here, but the paddocks behind our place are getting greener every day.

Goal 2: Create a FREE novella

(series prequel) for my readers

  • My reachable deadline is: 27th August 2019 (link needs to be included in back matter of Dragon Sworn)
  • My working days are: I will work most days on this project from 1st July.
  • My method of measuring progress: Keeping track with the ‘Daily Writing Target’ printout from yWriter5. Once drafted, I will print out the ‘Project Work Schedule’ which will keep me on track through revision and editing.
  • My end goal: Reward the patient readers on my list. Have a Reader Magnet for new newsletter signups.
  • My daily goal, and number of available days: Drafting 45000 words will require 4 x 10m sprints over 32 days starting 1st July. I’ll have most of August to polish it, and trim to 40000 words.
  • My leverage — WHY I need to do this: I don’t want to keep giving away Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy. I want to reward the readers who have stayed with me during the last two years.
I’m a Summer of Fiction Writing Participant


I won’t stop writing this time. Come 28th August. I’ll start drafting Cladessa for a December release. Hopefully, I’ll have paperbacks organised by then, too.

Thanks for reading. I’ll leave you with another picture of the lorikeets, taken a couple of days ago with my Nikon D3000. After some lunch, I’ll get to work.


Cute, aren’t they!

*Affiliate Link contained in Goal No 1.


  1. Phew! I’m exhausted just reading your goals. I wish you well with it.
    Meanwhile, I plough through the rewrite of the fifth book in The Spinner’s Game quint, the entirety destined for Kindle early next year. Perhaps we have different sized novels. SG totals 650k

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I decided to make mine smaller, so paperbacks wouldn’t be so hefty. I’ve just been reading about Rapid Release in several differnt books available in Kindle Unlinted books – I got two free months as enticement, so I’m binge reading while I can. Anyway, staggered releasing is a great idea for traction with Amazon. I’m interested to see how you go. Plough on! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, wow! These are some great though challenging goals. High five to you for setting out to accomplish them, I’m looking forward to seeing you do so.

    It’s so easy to procrastinate when it comes to writing. Some months I’ll kick butt and then others it would seem I just won’t make it happen. But I’ve been using various tools to work on my story even when I can’t be writing. I’m still working my first draft, just laying the bones to my story, but you’ve encouraged me to turn up the heat on myself. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sprints seem the way to go. Just saying you’re going to do only 10 minutes seems easy. I have done sprints in the past, with a Facebook group, and I found it productive.

      My first one took over four years, and this one has been laid aside for too long. I’m hoping to work smarter, not harder. But I know it will be hard.

      Liked by 1 person

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