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Photos from our walk yesterday

2015 10 oct 6 walks
The grass is dying off, but the deciduous trees are leafing up nicely. That’s the Grevillea bush left front. It’s a wonderful walk along this service road.   (Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone, on auto)
my dog Vika sniffing
Vika investigating    (Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone, on auto, cropped)

I’m being very lazy today. I read too late last night. Saving my energy for the bit of work I have to do. Tomorrow is anew day. Oh – speaking of tomorrow – I reverted my tagline back to the original one.   🙂

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Treadmilling & Writing

A weirdness overcame me on the treadmill today, only the fourth time I tackled exercise this past week. I sooked about getting on it, and I sooked the whole 5 laps aka 2kms. As punishment for my bad behaviour I made myself do another lap. Nasty.

tr 20140524

Half way through that lap the supposed feel good endorphins must have kicked in, because I loosened up a bit. I wondered to myself if the extra lap was just to avoid getting into the waiting writing. I have antagonist scenes to write. I have a bloke to kill off … maybe. And while I was thinking about that, the extra lap finished but I decided to keep going. Before I knew it, I zoned out at the steady 5km per hour and spoke with my main girl T.  That hasn’t happened before — ever!

My Miss T got stuck into me about my plans to kill off her love interest. I explained it would naturally force her into the arms of  J’s brother D, for whom I thought she was getting the hots.  She sneered at me, so what, she said, it was just once I had a bit of a perve. The wings threw me, I couldn’t help myself if my mind wandered to wondering what the front looked like. I owned up to J about that.  She went red. (obviously I could see her too, only in my mind)

But J is a bit of a loser, you’ll be better of with D, I suggested.  Yeah, she countered, but D is a bit keen on that bloody witch who kidnapped me. D isn’t innocent either, he was in on it.

But he’s trying to make up for that. And the bab…  No, don’t go there! she said, I don’t want to talk about that. Well, actually, I didn’t want to talk about that either because I think twins in my fantasy novel might well be one cliché too many!

About this time I snapped out of the zone, wiped my perspiring brow and slogged on until 10 laps (5kms) flashed up on the running, ahem, walking track.