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A dismal NaNoWriMo performance.

I managed less than 10,000 words this year. Still, that’s more than my other attempts. The timing was wrong. Revising Taniel is taking a fair chunk out of my days, plus I went interstate to help my mum move house.

I’ve abandoned posting Cladessa on Wattpad until February, 2017. Once the plot, the magic, and the world are strengthened in the first book, writing the next will be a breeze. One thing, for sure, this second one will not take five years – not even five months.


NaNoWriMo: 2888 words

Not a daily writing total, folks. I’ve written a miserable 2888 words, all up, this month.

Better than NAUGHT, though.

This blog post is in the aside format, and I have no idea what it will look like once published. I’m also sharing my new ‘Author Platform’ on social media for the first time. Hello my Twitter folk and Facebook family!

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A slow start to NaNoWriMo

this post updated with the latest Wattpad cover

November 1st brought on a brain freeze, followed by a brief oh no, I’m failing already. I procrastinated by adding my Holly Lisle class buddies and soon I felt keen. I managed a few words yesterday and here we are, on the third, and I’m messing about again.

No matter.

I know I can manage 5,000 words in a day if I put my mind to it!

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NaNoWriMo 2016

I’ve decided to win at NaNoWriMo this year.  To that end, for the rest of this month (October), I will be plotting on index card in preparation for dashing out a first draft for Book Two of The Taverner’s Daughter series.

this post updated with the latest Wattpad cover

50,000 words feels doable with my newfound writing disciple forged by rewriting and editing scenes for Wattpad from Book One’s manuscript.I’ve been slack this past week or so, though, as I grapple with setting up my Amazon account.

I’m preparing to offer up Book One for Pre-Order with a late December release. I will keep my resolution to self-publish in 2016 — just! I must set up my mailing list, too. I did have another platform for a year but nothing ever happened there! I posted some dragon drawings was about all.

In the time left before Taniel’s publication, I will begin applying Holly Lisle’s revision systems. The 2016 class has launched without me since I am not quite done with Taniel yet. Fortunately, the class is self-paced. I only hope I can find the critical thinking skills I will need.

Why do I write?

I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. I do not have tales of lifetime scribbling. Until five years ago, I hadn’t written a story since leaving school. During my year of enrolled  nurse training (1972-73), I did toy with the idea of writing romance shorts for magazines. Never eventuated.

Apparently, being a writer had stayed in the back of my mind. Five years ago, my only sister died from pancreatic cancer and, during our last conversation, she said how important was to follow a dream. My fantasy series, The Taverner’s Daughter, was born in honour of her memory.  Still, my sister’s death was a catalyst, not a reason.

When I work out the reason why I wanted to write a novel, I will tell you. I’ll be keen to see how much I love writing after knocking out 50,000 words in 30 days. Talk about trepidation!

Thanks for reading.