Vika and I enjoy our daily walk to the footbridge, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. We aren’t bothered by frost or drizzle, but Vika won’t walk on wet, leafy carpets.






Nokia Lumia 530 (framed in GIMP).

[Title and content edited later – somewhat red-faced, for I didn’t read all of Sally’s post last week and missed her announcing the end of the challenge!]

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Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge



Again, yes. I’m sure I’ve given you b&w foggy morns before but I cannot help myself. Last week, I got my themes mixed up and took these photos early for the B&W challenge at Sally D’s blog.


I used the old Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone, and edited in GIMP. Not much greyscaling was needed – the fog was thick, despite the sun being relatively high. We continue to have freezing mornings and nice days. Minus 4 – 0 Celsius has been common, for weeks now. Rain is coming, no doubt.


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Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Chalenge: B&W Foggy Morn

Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature


Here, in Australia, we have begun our official winter, but Mother Nature has not yet finished discarding her autumn mantle.

treesWP_20170601_08_48_34_ProMy favourite autumn leaves are dropped on our service road from a neighbour’s tree – you can just see the hint of red on the right in the above image.


When blown far from the tree, the single leaves always look great in green grass, especially with the morning sun shining through. Nature’s cycle is well demonstrated. The autumn leaves sit atop old seed pods, twigs, decayed leaves, new sprouts, and lush green grass.


I used the Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone. The leaf photos were taken this morning for Sally D’s mobile photography challenge.   The theme for the first Monday of the month is nature.

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Over at Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge, the Monday long gone was the 5th in the month, so I got to play with editing and processing. I fully intended to merely invert the colours, but that turned out pretty boring.


a recent frosty morn – Nokia Lumia 530 WP


I did try editing on my Nokia Lumia 530 Windows phone, but the screen is so tiny  and I just could not be bothered.  I edited, instead,  on the laptop using GIMP.

In Colours, I discovered posterise.  I used level 3 and popped on a fuzzy border. Posterising reduces the number of available colours. I just now recall using it with that the gravestone angel haiku – last year – on the old blog. That haiku was recently imported to here.




Of course, I had to do another photo.


taken on my morning walk recently – Nokia Lumia 530 WP


Wow, don’t the colours pop!

Thanks for looking. Do pop over to Sally’s and have a look at her macro of pretty pink crab apple blossom. Her processing really brings out the texture of the petals.


Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

A frosty morn: posterised