A mind-set breakthrough!

This morning I spent a fair chunk of time trawling through every introduction in the Facebook Group for the 10,000 words challenge. Glad to see a few Aussies and at least one Kiwi there.

I was replying to an introduction where they mentioned having written lots of novels, none of which they particularly liked. They were going to change direction and write in a different genre, hoping to discover something that would get them a better following. I made a comment about writing what you love, because that extra spark in your words is what will resonate with readers.

And then it hit me.

The WHY behind my abandonment of Cladessa.

Those who have followed me a long time might recall I originally set out to panster my way through 120,000 words for my first novel. Some way along the path, I resorted to plotting. And then, probably because I’d lost my way, I decided to split the novel into two books, bringing the first half up to 80,000 words, ending at a natural break point.

And, instead of the serious fantasy which I intended to write, I ended up with a romantic fantasy soap opera.

When I drafted book two, I forced it to fit into much the same outline I’d prepared years beforehand.

Today, I finally realised why the fully-revised book two still felt wrong.

I’d broken the promise to my readers when I took the story to a dark, dark place. I thank my lucky stars that I’ve never published so much as a word of it.

Fortunately, the planned ending is still the perfect ending for Cladessa. But the path to there will be a new one. Excitement is growing in the pit of my stomach.

And that can only be a good thing.

A great thing! πŸ’•

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