Ready to begin ‘Cladessa’

I had a pleasant surprise when I finally decided to pick up the pile of plot cards titled Cladessa: Book II of The Taverner’s Daughter – somewhat curious to see what I had written ages ago before getting bogged down in revising Taniel.

I have my story sentence …

An ancient prophecy activates and more is at stake than an individual’s freedom to choose her path but Taniel is determined to use impending motherhood and magic to get her own way.

Not only that, I determined my story arcs for Taniel, Jarryd, Dax, Sam, and Rufus. Can a dragon have a story arc?  Apparently, Rufus can.  I have an arc for Hanrey, too, but can’t read my writing. Surely, he is not glued. I have character goals. I have a wish list of events in chronological order. I have shared the Wattpad cover.

Therefore, I have a plan!

And, in a flash of recall, I remembered that this plan was created November, 2016, with the intent of drafting Cladessa during NaNoWriMo. I’m such a gunna person! I’m always going to do this, going to do that, with no visible results. You can imagine my relief when I finally shuttled Taniel off to Amazon.

I actually wrote a book.

I had a physical rendition in my hands, yesterday. I comb-bound a copy for my mum but forgot to take a photo before shipping it off. I have to write the next ones really fast as Mum says she has few years left.

I reckon that is incentive enough to pull my finger out and get cracking. So, without further ado, I shall put away the laptop and START.


After lunch…

Taniel: now at BookFunnel

My group promotion with the MAY SPELLCASTERS GIVEAWAY has been going well. I’ve given away 357 books, but another 50 people had trouble – they gave me their email at Instafreebie and got nothing in return.

To remedy that, I now have Taniel available for FREE on BookFunnel.

I was too stingy to pay for the plan which included being able to collect email addresses, so it comes without any quarterly newsletter opt-in strings attached!

Do go grab yourself a copy!



Progress: Instafreebie Promotion

The Instafreebie promotion is going well, methinks. I am insisting on collecting an email address before Instafreebie hands over Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy in mobi, ePub, or PDF. I think that’s fair enough.

Taniel is AU$3.99 on Amazon. US$2.96

Two copies have sold and I purchased one, as well – producing these figures…

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #676,342 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#4218 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
#5506 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
#7381 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic


My efforts, along with the Spellcaster promotion, has caused my newsletter mailing list to climb from zero to 303 – still climbing. A proportion of these have unverified email addresses, and I wonder if this means Taniel was delivered to their spam folder. 

I’ll send out the first quarterly newsletter towards the end of the week. I expect some people will unsubscribe. Remember, all my stories will be made available for free to my subscribers.

I say all, with tongue in cheek! There will be more.

In the meantime, the drafting of Cladessa will begin, on Wattpad, this coming weekend.

Thanks for reading.  🙂

It’s done! I can breathe again!

Book One has been updated three times since I pressed that first publish button. I found another half dozen irritants during the last few chapters – a line break in the middle of a sentence, a missing quotation mark, a wrongly-tensed verb, etc.  How could I not see them before!

On a good note, I found some clear directions online on how to fix my first line indents in Scrivener – so now all fifteen chapters begin where they should. I also upped the size of the first letter and made it bold. Looks great. I changed each of the other scenes to the new ‘no-indent’ start, too, and added an extra blank line at the beginning and end so the sub-title spacing (character names) looks better.

And on an excellent note, I found myself almost breathless while reading the ending chapters. I am still satisfied with my ending. Gosh, I was hating the thing when I started this last proof.

In the end, Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy comes in at just over 81k words.

Check it out, for free. All you need do is sign up for my mailing list at Instafreebie and download it in the format of your choice – mobi, epub, of PDF.




ooops … too soon!

Okay, I was a little hasty pressing that final publishing button. [sigh]  I knew it, of course, as I hadn’t finished proofing the final half. My reasoning was that if someone bothers reading that far, then they would forgive the odd typo. And, after all, I’d proofed the damned thing several times already.

KDP had it go live in less than 5 hours – before I could change my mind. I was asleep.

Continuing with the proofing, this morning, I noticed a whole scene repeating itself!  It was only a small scene, but … oops!  And, while I was checking the format of the ePub replacement, I noticed a word missing in one of the early scenes, so I adjusted that sentence, too.  Every time I fiddle with things, I often make it worse.

And formatting [another sigh] I couldn’t get the first line in each scene to begin how a chapter should begin.

Oh gosh, I’m so over it. I’ll just fix the  mistakes as they turn up. I have my author note at the end, urging people to tell me if they find errors. I know I should have asked for help before this stage, but, hey, that’s me. I look forward to a mythical day in the future when I can pay for editing.

This week. I’m preparing for the Instafreebie promotion. I continue with sharing the draft of Cladessa on Wattpad.  When I’ve completed that, I’ll let it cool while I write a back-story novella. I’ll revise Cladessa and have it for sale by the end of 2018.  That’s the plan.

The first of my quarterly newsletters is scheduled for this month, too. 

Thanks for listening to me moan. I feel better now!



I Pressed Publish!

YES folks, I have finally pressed publish on KDP.

I had to make a small change to the cover when I realised that I needed the subtitle name to be A  Corrangorachian Fantasy instead of A Corrangorach Fantasy  – as if the name was not already a big enough  mouthful!

The Inn-keeper's Daughter

I discovered that I made this cover with the social media quality dragon image. It pixelates when enlarges. I’ve found my original high quality download and will update the cover at some stage. As it is, this is the one that has been uploaded to both Amazon and Instafeebie.

I will be taking part in a huge SPELLCASTER GIVEAWAY campaign in the coming week. I will tell you about in my next post. There is a massive list of free books on offer.

Stay tuned!





Yes, folks, the revision is done.

Now – the proofread. Last time I attempted a simple proofing, it turned into a second line edit, followed by a second type-in for each scene. The original 85,000+ words is now just under 82,000.

Gosh, it is a relief to actually feel like it is really well and truly done this time!

Publishing eBook at Amazon on 13 April 2017

Drafting Cladessa (Book 2) on Wattpad

Less than 15,000 words to go…

Hello people, I have less than 15,000 words of Taniel to process, now – still typing in changes from that final line-edit I did on the printed manuscript. Microsoft Sam continues to read to me to improve clarity.  The original 85,000+ words has dwindled somewhat!

All is well.

I am uploading each revised scene to Wattpad as I go.  I love my Wattpad experience and will get more readers while I’m drafting Cladessa if Book One is available in its entirety.  So, I will not be going exclusive with Amazon as I have mooted from time to time.

Thanks for being part of my journey to this point.  🙂



Where Taniel is Made

Hello people, this is where it happens. Internet and paper-based work at the front and story writing at the back, by the window.

Over the last year or so,  I’ve been lucky to get two great ‘as new’ desks from eBay for a fraction of their worth. My old Toshiba laptop and the Compaq PC are also from eBay.  Each Christmas, I get something brand new – the wide flat screen monitor (on the back desk), the 24-hour office chair, my little Samsung tablet, the dragons.

When I wheel my office chair between desks I have to watch out for Vika. She is 14 now and is a silky terrier, Maltese terrier, Shih Tzu cross.


I love my electronics. I hate throwing dead ones out. I have crashed computers that I reckon I’ll get the files from one day. I have my previous hard drive in an external holder for when I need to get an old file or image. Goodness knows what is in my other older PCs besides the ton of family history documents and images. Can’t be much, really, considering they have less memory than my first mobile phone.

the final line revision

As to Taniel: A Corrangorach Fantasy, I’m still transferring the line edit to the Scrivener file.

I’ve moved sentences around and I’ve chopped words, phrases and sentences. The manuscript sits just under 84,000 words. I’ll try to speed things up by sticking to the changes I’ve made on the printout.  Else, at the rate it took me to do Chapter One, it will take the rest of the year! And none of us want that.

This was only supposed to be picking up typos and formatting errors – not a complete rewrite. That’s why I reckoned it would only take a week or two.

So, my current process: open the file in Scrivener, copy and paste it to Wordpad file for reading – because I can’t find the exact Scrivener scene file.  Then, using the free yRead from Spacejock Software, I have Microsoft Sam read the scene to me. If the word flow doesn’t feel right, I make the changes in Scrivener.  I check the new version in Word for grammar and sentence spacing and if I make changes, I have Sam read it again.

a sample of my daily desktop screen

Repeat process until I can say damn that’s good.

I’m spending a ridiculous amount of time on this, but the story clarity and flow is much improved. I’m also getting faster as Microsoft Sam become easier on the ear.

I’m excited to be putting this novel out into the world and I’ve already started updating the scenes on Wattpad. The Kindle release? I’ve vowed never to make another firm release date until the revision process is complete.

I can blame my ignorance for that first deadline failure at Amazon. Another would be just plain stupid! One huge advantage of this whole process is that I’ve learned to put in the work. To paraphrase Julia Cameron in The Artists Way – I’m showing up at the page every day.

I’m happy to be sharing my journey with you. Thanks for reading.

(PS – I have no affiliation with any of the products I’ve mentioned in this post)

TANIEL: sample update

Hello people, I have just updated the first four scenes for TANIEL with the final version.


The MailChimp subscriber pop-up has been removed. Sorry about that.

I’ve done away with a prologue. I jump pretty much straight into the story and I know there are a lot of people who never look at prologues if they are named as such. WARNING: Most of my scenes are incredibly short. The point-of-view changes constantly.

Love it?  Let me know.

I do appreciate TANIEL is not for everyone and I appreciate you trying it out. Thank you.