About Me

Hello, I’m Christine.


I’m 64, and live in a small rural town in Central Victoria, Australia, with my husband. Sadly, our little dog, Vika, passed away last October.

It took four years of sporadic writing and one of concentrated effort, to complete writing and revising my first novel. Taniel: A Corrangorach Fantasy is the first book in The Taverner’s Daughter series.

Here are some views of my part of rural Victoria, Australia, taken with my Nikon D3000 DSLR, on auto.  I will learn how to use it one day!

cows and kangaroos (April 2017)
kangaroos grazing (April 2017)
typical countryside near where I live

As well as writing and taking photos, I enjoy chasing up ancestors. If I hadn’t been so hooked on family history, Taniel would have been finished sooner. Having my DNA done was bad timing for Book 2: Dragon Sworn (originally called Cladessa).

Thanks for checking out my About Me page.


[Last updated June 2019]