I’m back, with intent.

So, I’ve done a backflip on the name of this second book in The Taverner’s Daughter series. It went from ‘Cladessa’ to ‘Dragon Sworn’ and back again. Here we go, at last, tah dahhhhh …

CLADESSA — posting one scene at a time from 24th August 2021 at Wattpad.

As I complete each chapter at Wattpad, I’ll post it here.

I’ve removed ‘Taniel’ from Amazon while synchronizing my Scrivener file with the Wattpad, Kindle and Book Funnel versions. I might even wait until book three is finished before I reinstate it. Gosh, who knows what the world will be like by then!

Fortunately, I haven’t lost anyone to covid-19 and if you have, my heart goes out to you and yours.

Stay safe.

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