Day 7: Summer of Fiction Writing

The first week of my new work ethic got off to a shaky start. Getting ready for revision took a fair bit of fiddling. I cleaned my desks. I’m fortunate to have two wonderful desks – bargains from eBay. Both times, I picked up a cheap mint condition desk because I was the only bidder. […]

A slow start

This first week was dismal. No surprise there! I’m still going through Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy, creating the story bible, while noting where I might use my Characters’ words and actions – for or against them – in the series. I tried this last year, only to abandon it when Negative Nellie snickered and sniffed […]

‘Dragon Sworn’ #am working

I’ve come up with all the excuses under the sun – not one of them a valid reason for neglecting my second novel. After vowing just one more week, I’d close Scrivener and spend hours, and hours, making sense of my latest DNA matches and playing in WikiTree. But, my holiday had to end, eventually. […]