I’ve been okay – just lazy.  I have managed to post a few pics on the old blog, for I still have it, despite merging with this one so I could do away with it.  2018 will see that happen.

From the archives…

two rainbow lorikeets

I stopped feeding the birds while natural food is plentiful.

two rainbow lorikeets

I miss the Rainbow Lorikeets.


I guess, with a second Murray River trip already done and dusted, I lost interest in writing about the first. I will share the Frogmouth story, though, and soon.

Thanks for looking.




Hey there, yes, I’m still breathing…


Our camping trailer set up on the banks of the Murray River.


The river belongs to New South Wales and forms most of the border with Victoria before continuing its flow seaward, into South Australia. We have only the one lock in Victoria, at Torrumbarry. We were camped downstream from there, behind Cohuna, in the Gunbower State Park. The area is heavily wooded, despite massive milling beginning in the riverboat years. Camping is allowed along rivers frontage designated as Murray River Reserves.


There was a cleared area behind us, on the other side of the River Track. We saw kangaroos and emus  back there – I’ll share those photos, later.

Before we go bush again, we must watch a video on folding up our collapsible shower / toilet tent! It was miracle we got it flat. I tied it up like a parcel, should it decide to pop open. One has to fold, and bend and twist and pull in the right sequence, and it should end up a flat circle with its flexible poles still inside.  Magic, when you know what you are doing. Oh, I so loved having a portaloo on this, our first bush-camping for 13 years.


The sun greeted us each morning. Bit hard on the eyes after a few wines and I was unprepared the first morning! Mist rose on the water, giving an extra magical feel.



The first job was to get the fire going to make a cuppa.  The air was a little brisk, so we rugged up. The first few days we had a chill breeze but most of the time it was really pleasant in the sunshine. Vika wasn’t all that impressed.


She watched me like a hawk. One afternoon, while Mr R was off getting wood and Vika was sound asleep, I circled the camp taking photos. It was some time before I noticed her missing. Turned out that she had followed the minor track up to the next camp, just visible to us between the trees on the next river bend. Losing her was really scary. Since she is deaf now, we couldn’t call or whistle.  Thank goodness she stuck to the track.



Thanks for reading and /or looking. Now that I have set the lay of the land, I have some wonderful bird photos to share, as well as those promised kangaroos and emus.

Stayed tuned.  🙂


Murray River Magic



A honey bee foraging inside a Paterson’s Curse flower, near our recent campsite on the banks of the Murray River. (Nikon D3000)


Bees & Bugs

Echium plantagineum, with honey bee







Skyward: screeching cockatoo