This time…

Today, I’ve signed up to a 10,000 word challenge with Mary Adkins, via a special Facebook Group she is running. Beginning on the 10th October, I’ll start over on my abandoned second novel, aiming for 10,000 words over 10 days.

That done, I will be well-placed to complete Cladessa‘s makeover during NaNoWriMo. There will be no fiddling around the edges, trying to make my original plan work. Starting from scratch, this time, but with the advantage of having a perfect ending already in place.

Wish me luck. I will need it, and lots of grit.

That didn’t work out, either…

Changed my mind again!

I have now decided to write the rest of the series before publishing to Wattpad.

So, to this end, I’m taking ‘The Taverner’s Daughter’ series through Holly Lisle’s “How to Write A Series” before the horse gets too far from it’s stableโ€” you know, the ‘horse has bolted’ scenario.

It’ll be fun.

Stay tuned.