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It’s five days since I worked on Dragon Sworn.  I caught up on family history while I still had  my cancelled sub at Ancestry. I couldn’t really afford another break, for in two weeks we head off on our next camper-trailer trip. Guess I’ll finally learn to work and travel at the same time.  Fortunately, I haven’t yet popped Dragon Sworn on pre-order, for I’m finding the current revision step harder than it was for Taniel.

rocklandsres 320
Last trip: Rocklands Reservoir, near Balmoral, Victoria, Australia  (June 2019)

Holly Lisle has what she calls the ‘Monastery’. For the duration, you put all your notes and stuff out of sight and, to the exclusion of everything else,  you write out all your scene sentences in the order the story comes back to you. If new stuff comes, you write a new sentence. If a different ending comes, you write the new sentence.

So, last Saturday, with lined paper before me, pen in hand (because pencils are for wimps), I checked into Holly’s special Monastery forum thread to report my entry and progress. After writing 41 scene sentences, I checked out, screwed up the pages and chucked them in the fire. On the morrow, me and my muse will front up with the proper mindset.

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Searching for your next speculative fiction story?

Look no further! These Australian and Kiwi authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of books. Available for free for a limited time (1st – 7th August)

CLICK HERE to grab yourself a weekend read.

There’s still a couple of hours left on the Swords, Sorcery and Dragons Promotion, too.

Cheers, Christine

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