116 free eBooks, and 45 not-so-free dragon books, until 30th June.

I have Taniel in two more promotions this month. The first is a freebie, 116 books to choose from. I noticed a lot of people downloaded my book, yet again, during this promotion. When I transferred the collected emails from BookFunnel to Tiny Letter, my newsletter home, only a few of the addresses ‘stuck’. That’s okay. It’s good thing, because it means those potential readers haven’t unsubbed from my existing list.  Heading towards 3000 strong, they’ll all get DragonSworn for free, but only if they open the relevant newsletter. Else they’ll have to wait for free days once it goes into Kindle Unlimited on 2nd September, 2020.

Available for free for a limited time.

summertime fantasy

Genres: Christian / Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and Young Adult / Fantasy


This is my first time doing a sales promotion with BookFunnel. I know you like dragons, right? This one has 45 dragon-themed books.

Find your next dragon filled paranormal or fantasy read!


The official Pre-order date for Taniel will be changed again towards the end of the month – to 30th August, 2020. I’m still typing up the final manuscript. And having trouble getting the tone right – been hard in these gloomy times to get the same light-hearted feel of the first book. It must be consistent before I can release DragonSworn.

Stay tuned! Until next time.



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