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Taniel: getting there, slowly

Hi guys, I was checking the formatting of the e-book before upload to Amazon and noticed a word missing – so now I wonder how many other words are missing from the manuscript. Or worse, got left behind when I’ve chopped out phrases. Or end in ing instead of ed after I’ve converted passive speech. Probably none, but…

I have to go over it one more time before I’m brave enough to press publish. I made a start this morning but ended up distressed because all my sentences read like dross. Too many 5am starts!

I’ll tackle it again on the morrow. It killed me to give up my 8 pre-orders and I feel bad for not getting it done by the 18th. Oh well.

Good things are worth waiting for, right!

PS: My desk doesn’t look so tidy now. More like a hurricane has hit it.