Published, at last!  Just in case you haven’t noticed over at, I thought I better tell you!  This will be the only promotion I’m doing on this blog.


Thank you all for being part of my long and arduous writing journey! Last week, I pressed publish, a few days before I ought. Then spent a few days frantically correcting last minute errors and formatting. I think I have it almost right.

Facebook Cover – newcoverfb

After mistaking a leather-clad wizard for a dragonrider, the taverner’s daughter agrees to binding vows: Jarryd hopes for a magic-saving paternity spell but Taniel just wants his dragon. Of course, it is not that simple. It never is… 

(I need a better word than ‘it’ in there )

The title is a bit of a mouthful. The genre is sort of chicklit meets fantasy but I think my male characters are probably stronger. It’s clean.. ish. No graphic descriptions of any intimate situations. Taniel ended up a bit over 81,000 words.

I’m taking part in a group Instafreebie promotion run by author A J Martinez.


The May Spellcaster Giveaway     Genres: Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Witches and Wizards, Short Stories, Fairy Tales  

Instafreebie will be down for maintenance on the 7th, so I thought I’d tell you a few days early.  A.J. was good enough to let me be part of this list-building promotion, even though my list was a big fat ZER0. Technically, I had three sign-ups on Mailchimp but they were all me. I now have 23, and only one of them is me.

I thought I had been too slow getting my application form in to A,J., so I started promoting Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy at Instafreebie, all by myself. If you are curious, go pick up a free copy (mobi, PDF, ePub). Since the freebie is to build my quarterly newsletter list, it comes at the price of sharing your email address.

Later edited to add the BookFunnel link here.

Okay, chucking away my marketing hat now.   🙂

Thanks again for being part of my journey.  Appreciated!

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Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy

my revision-ready manuscript
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Taniel: getting there, slowly

Hi guys, I was checking the formatting of the e-book before upload to Amazon and noticed a word missing – so now I wonder how many other words are missing from the manuscript. Or worse, got left behind when I’ve chopped out phrases. Or end in ing instead of ed after I’ve converted passive speech. Probably none, but…

I have to go over it one more time before I’m brave enough to press publish. I made a start this morning but ended up distressed because all my sentences read like dross. Too many 5am starts!

I’ll tackle it again on the morrow. It killed me to give up my 8 pre-orders and I feel bad for not getting it done by the 18th. Oh well.

Good things are worth waiting for, right!

PS: My desk doesn’t look so tidy now. More like a hurricane has hit it.


I originally drafted this post last week, but then decided I was supposed to be using an in-phone app for the processing. So, I’m dishing up my images for this week.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

1st Monday – Nature


The above image was embossed with Image Majick; cropped and bevelled in GIMP.

The cobweb is real, not some sort of overlay. The embossing really accentuated it. On my walk that morning, I had to be careful as all the spiders in the area must have been madly spinning all night. Some of the distances they covered for the anchor points were amazing.


Nokia Lumia 530 (cropped in GIMP)

Our roadsides are still green where the longer grass has been kept short.  Kangaroos are venturing inside our yard again. We are in our last month of summer. Despite our current hot weather, a few leaves on the American Sycamore look suspiciously autumn-toned. The temperature has been fluctuating wildly, though. Several times we’ve burnt bark in the wood heater to take a morning chill off the house!

In her post, Sally D spoke of the poet, Mary Oliver. When she told of Oliver’s wonderful prose, I was tempted to check what was available at The Book Depository where I usually get my real books. There, I was tempted by sale prices but, after checking eBay and my local library, I ended up at Amazon and purchased a Kindle edition at 52% off. Though a different book to the one Sally mentioned, the prose I read inside fit Sally’s description. I’m a bit naughty for I do not always read the pens section of Sally’s lens and pens posts. Today, her words really grabbed me.


taken this morning on our walk (Nokia Lumia 530)

Book update.

In case you are wondering, I’m expecting to start the type-in part of my book revision today. All the changes to be made have been handwritten on the manuscript. Yesterday, I was working with a note declaring ‘I badly need a decent transition here’ when, all of a sudden, I discovered I had left out a scene from the printed manuscript! I couldn’t recall deciding to scrap the scene, either, so it was an accident when I transferred the edited scenes on Wattpad into a new Scrivener file. I must have been working too closely on the revision all these weeks to notice it missing.

As part of Holly Lisle’s methods, I had to write out a sentence for every scene in the novel from memory. Some interesting things happened including several of the new scene cards having the identical scene number as the original scenes. And yes, my story brain had included the missing scene. I suppose the theory there is that anything you don’t recall isn’t worth keeping. I’m looking forward to running book two through this system.

Time is running out – 6 days to have the final manuscript uploaded to Amazon before it goes live three days later.

Thanks for looking at my photos.

Thanks for reading my rambling and please do enjoy your week.


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Cobweb, Sally D, Mary Oliver, & Taniel


Last year, I purchased a potted Magnolia from the supermarket. It is a little frazzled about the edges from the heat and I’ve been watching the two flower buds with some anxiety – sure they would wither and harden. A few days ago, the first one began to loosen and, yesterday, the flower opened on one side. Its lemon scent is heavenly.


the lopsided flower with stamens fallen in a sepal.


stamens scooped in a sepal

I didn’t know about sepals until I was checking Wikipedia to make sure I was looking at stamens. On a magnolia, sepals are indistinguishable from petals so I’m guessing they are the first three at the base.

I moved overhead and looked down and saw more stamens piled in a second sepal. When I came back with the camera, the culprit was there, cavorting amid the stamens with pleasure.


cavorting in loose stamens


looking for juicy bits


yummy yum yum

Curious, I cautiously moved the stem so I could see the heart of the flower.


red stamen scars and curly topped stigmas and a bee, of course

As I watched, this bee took out another stamen and it fell down to join the others.

Today, the flower looks like it spent our very warm night in a pot of tea. Just as well I hadn’t planted the poor thing. I’ll see how the second flower fares in another position.

Inside the flower, the curly bits are gone – replaced by what looked like some spiky red things to my nearly 62-year-old eyes. Apparently, I have a colourful fruit to look forward to. There are several little green bugs lurking inside the flower, too, so I know what my next photography session will be.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to have a magnolia tree.

On writing…

I have moved past the revision block I’ve had for weeks. I’ve been stuck on lesson 7 and it’s an important one to make sure everything in my novel’s setting makes sense. I had trouble identifying the different things I needed to see during a read-through.

I doubted myself to the stage where I thought let’s just chuck in this whole being a writer thing.  But then I thought of my sister and the promise I made when she died. I will finish this. I will make this dream come true. Of course, I also thought of the money I had paid out to learn to revise in a productive way. I thank my lucky stars I chose to publish on Wattpad because I know some people already love my story despite its shortcomings. To paraphrase Holly Lisle –  it’s already as crappy as it’s going to get.

So, after lots of false starts, some tears, and piles of crumpled worksheets, I decided to do the analysis differently. I put the settings and other elements on index cards instead of using the worksheets. Down to business,finally, and I found myself filling out the worksheets instead of the cards. Huh? Go figure. I know I’m not filling them out exactly right, but the lesson is going to work how it should as I already see how my story start hasn’t carried through to the end as well as it could have.

Progress, at last. A little daunting, as I have quite a few settings and magical explanations to think about and 91 scenes to explore.

Thanks for being part of my journey.  ❤

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My first magnolia flower