Was it YOU who bought Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy?

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been giving away my one and only novel, Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy, Book One of  The Taverner’s Daughter, building my email list ahead of releasing the next. Well, according to my BookFunnel stats, 749 copies had been claimed since joining the first of five promotions. The final push begins later in the week, and runs for a month. After that, I’ll be popping Taniel into Kindle Unlimited.

Screenshot_2019-08-11 BookFunnel Taniel
My BookFunnel Promotions Dashboard, 11 Aug 2019

Recently, spotting a sales letter in my inbox, I thought nothing of it, though I did have a quick peek at book rankings. I visited my KDP dashboard just now, checking how far along I got in the preorder process.  Imagine my surprise, on checking the sales report, to see that SEVEN copies of Taniel sold during the last 90 days – clustered over several weeks during June / July. Even two in the same day. Twice!

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Reports Kindle Direct Publishing
My Amazon Sales Page (90 Day) the new BETA version –  11 Aug 2019

I’m pretty stoked.  I guess someone posted a review on their blog, or mentioned Taniel when they shared their newsletter, leading to sales.  One of my fans retweeted one of my promotional tweets, recommending Taniel. That might have caused it.

Anyway, if it was YOU, who bought one of my eBooks, read or recommended it, or posted a review, THANK YOU! The rest of you, a big thanks just for being here. 🙂

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Taniel A Corrangorachian Fantasy (The Taverner's Daughter Book 1) eBook Christine J Randall Amazon co[...]

Speaking of reviews, these are the latest for Australia and USA. The next one made my eyes prickle … well, gotta admit, they all do that!

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Amazon com Taniel

I reread the reviews before I began revising Dragon Sworn, needing to remind myself that there are people who love my story.

As to the preorder, for Dragon Sworn,  decided it was for the best to wait and see how I cope with writing while away from home. I’d hate being banned from preordering, again, since I’m expecting book three to be hot on the heels of this one (okay, a slight exaggeration there).

I promise to share my trip, this time.

Really, truly, cross my heart.  🙂



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