Dracopedia: The Great Dragons

My ‘go to’ place to purchase real books is Book Depository. When I recently discovered this series of dragon books, I knew I must have them. For Christmas, I decided to get this one first – Dracopedia: The Great Dragons. An Artists Field Guide and Drawing Journal. It was on special, at the time, and seemed the logical choice purely for that reason.

The colour in the second image is closer to the real thing. Sorry, I had bad lighting, but even the official photos on the publisher’s website does not do the real thing justice.  The cover has such an awesome 3D-look that I was surprised to find it a flat surface. My first thought was that I need to buy real metal embellishments to add to the spine. That would be cool.

The end papers are fabulous! Here’s a peek…


The featured image is a deliberate blurred part-illustration for the purpose of showing you something else from inside the covers.

Today was the first day that I looked inside the covers a little better than the fast flick through when it arrived. I wouldn’t let myself look again until I finished the arduous revision lesson with which I was struggling. A good incentive.

I can’t wait to read from cover to cover and then to try drawing my own dragons – Rufus, Driscoll and Uity.

But there will not be time for much dragon drawing quite yet, not with only 32 days to go to the launch of Taniel.  And I promised to begin posting book two, Cladessa, to Wattpad during February.

I have reset my enrollment in the Magic in the Middle Ages MOOC so I won’t get too far behind. I have time for two more of Holly Lisle’s revision lessons, I think, before I must begin the rewriting. I’m really excited at how much better the story will be from the Wattpad version.

I’ve just flicked through the Dracopedia one more time, breathing deep of the new book smell. I reckon it’s already my favourite book of all time – at least it will be until I get the Dracopedia: The Bestiary.

The more I think about drawing dragons, the more I know I must, and soon. Sounds like a promise. 🙂

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