Spotted Pardalote

Down at the footbridge, this morning, I photographed this little Spotted Pardalote. It isn’t the usual one which lands nearby and chirrups. This one was shy.


(Nikon D3000)


And the cutest image for last… so sorry it is not larger.


I do hope you are having a fine weekend. We are having everything, weatherwise. Yesterday brought some wind and showers. Today began with a frosty minus 4, ahead of warm sunshine bearing hints of the coming Spring.  Now, it’s clouding over.

Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “Spotted Pardalote

  1. Oh, that little bird is adorable! Lovely photos Christine. The weather here on the Gold Coast has gone back to winter this weekend bringing cold wind with it as well making it a cool 18 degrees, which is actually a nice change from the 29 degrees we had here on Friday!

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