Gotcha! Eastern Spinebill

I lurked by the abelia bush for ages, Nikon D3000 in hand, watching the progress of this hidden honeyeater through the foliage. I think he knew I was there, but he wasn’t timid as long as I kept my distance. And then, out popped his head and I clicked, hoping the focus was right. It was. I love it when I manage a shine on the eye, this one was a fluke.


Thanks for looking.

I hope you are all enjoying a holiday break of some sort. Mine’s over, for tomorrow I begin working full-time on the second in my fantasy series – Cladessa – still in the revision / rewriting stage. Up to now, I’ve really only dabbled. Fortunately, I’ve reached the stage where, when I wake, my first thought is the story. Thanks to those of you who have emailed and told me how much you enjoyed Taniel. Your kind words make my day!

Thanks for reading.


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