‘Dragon Sworn’ #am working

I’ve come up with all the excuses under the sun – not one of them a valid reason for neglecting my second novel. After vowing just one more week, I’d close Scrivener and spend hours, and hours, making sense of my latest DNA matches and playing in WikiTree.
But, my holiday had to end, eventually. I want to turn pro.  Is that possible, I wonder, or am I too lazy? It was a hard slog getting Taniel ready. It was fun writing it, even when my characters went on strike. But, once I resorted to an outline, and put in some effort, it happened despite missing a million deadlines along the way. Still no sign of a paperback Taniel.

C’mon already!

I’ve sold a few eBooks over the year, got several great reviews, and also given away over 1000 eBooks while building my email list. All the while promising the next Taverner’s Daughter book within the year.  [sigh]

Which year?

Gosh, it will be lucky if it appears in 2018.

Anyway, I’ve returned to yWriter5 and am starting over. Since I know what I’m writing each day, the redrafting should move along smartly. And, this time, I’m going to share my progress. Here it is, all set up, ready to go. All my scenes are in, along with the scene sentences and POV character.


I’ll check in each Wednesday.  What happens over the next four weeks will determine when Dragon Sworn will be available for Beta readers.

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