DragonSworn: 47 days to go

cladessa_smallI’m coming down the home straight with DragonSworn –  back at typing up the final manuscript.

At Amazon, I haven’t altered the pre-order release to the August  30th date, yet, for I needed to add Cladessa first. It’ll be my second change so I’ll be barred from new pre-orders for a year. This morning, I submitted Cladessa, with a temporary cover.

Canva has changed it’s editor, and I couldn’t find the filter I used on the first two covers.  Cladessa will publish January 20, 2021 (my mum’s birthday).

As I’ve said many times, I’ll will keep on working, this time, and the next two books will be a breeze, compared to Taniel and DragonSworn!  Still thinking there might be six books in the series.

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